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Live from the iTunes Store: Top 25 Office & Business iPhone Apps

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This site will be dedicated to office apps. We will try to list all the best, latest office apps, and review them. We will also let you review, and rate office apps . Some say apps will be bigger than the internet – well time can only tell, but one thing is for sure everybody is getting smartphones, so it is just a matter of time before they will be nearly as big as the internet. There are so many reason to use apps, they are smart, and it is a easy way to help your office, and same time make life more easy. There are currently over 100.000 apps in the apple iPhone shop, and BlackBerry and Android are also getting tons of new applications.
Why should you buy apps? Well first read some reviews of the best apps, and you will soon want to download some. You can also find free apps so it can be a good idea downloading them first, to get and idea how apps work on smartphones.


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