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October 03, 2012 | | Comments 0

WinZip for Android makes it incredibly easy to open and view .zip files straight from your Android device. If you’re an office apps junkie or sincerely need something that can recognize zip files on your device, this is definitely the best choice.

Not only can WinZip for Android open, modify, and save .zip files, but it’s also great for viewing a multitude of different file types. It is almost a direct replica of the immensely successful version for iOS, and its hardly fathomable that you’ll need another .zip file solution after you download this.

The graphics and layout of this app are quite simple and intuitive. Most office apps make the mistake of creating confusing buttons and layouts, but WinZip makes sure not to make this mistake. With this app, you can easily navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for without really any experience using the app.

This app will always be valuable to anyone who works with .zip files on any scale. Say goodbye to finding a .zip file on your phone and not being able to do anything with it. This app changes all of that by allowing you to actually use it!

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