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iPhone OnLive Desktop 1.01 App

If you’ve heard anything about the OnLive Desktop app, then you have probably heard that it’s one of the most revolutionary office apps on the App Store to date. OnLive Desktop is an iPhone office app that offers a realistic cloud-based experience for remotely using your desktop computer. Of course, OnLive Desktop is already cool […]

iPhone WinZip 1.0 App

The iPhone WinZip app is one of the best office apps around that provides you with a solid solution for viewing, using, and saving .zip files formats. No matter the task with a .zip file, WinZip can handle it! This iPhone office app tackles all of the obstacles you’d regularly expect with a .zip file […]

iPhone Pages 1.6.1 App

Pages, the official iPhone office app for word processing, is a powerful solution that any user can take advantage of to tackle all things word processing. It’s a beautifully crafted piece of software that will have you wanting to check it out no matter what! Out of all the office apps for word processing, Pages […]

iPhone Office2 / Office2 HD App

iPhone Office2 app is definitely one of the best office apps available on the iPhone in a pocket-sized format for any user that’s seemingly always on the go. With a simple, straight-forward way to create, edit, and view different types of office documents, what’s there not to love? iPhone Office2 is one of the only […]

iPhone Quick Office Pro / Quick Office Pro HD App

The iPhone Quick Office Pro app is one of the few office apps available on the Apple App Store now that provides unrivaled solutions to creating, editing, and viewing office documents while on the go with your iPhone device. Not only does this iPhone office app provide an office suite solution for any iPhone user, […]