Delivering Office Apps Effectively Through the Cloud

June 27, 2011 | | Comments 0

Delivering Office Apps Effectively

Microsoft’s attempt at delivering web apps such as Excel and Word over the cloud is, at best, in its infancy. The current portal in which to utilize the apps is not yet at a stage where it can be used effectively in a corporate environment. Certainly, this is the way of the future, but in its current state, it’s a dead end. We’ve seen some issues with connectivity, and errors loading the apps, but the biggest problem is that it seems that not all the features are there. When you need to share that spreadsheet your VP has been expecting and you can’t assign him rights to retrieve it or even send it to her, then you’ve found yourself a glitch that could cost people jobs and companies business.

Getting it Right

Microsoft has a way of getting it right, but it often takes a few attempts. Right now, the cloud, as it applies to MS Office products, is one of those attempts, and while the concept of using paying customers as beta testers should be banned, it would appear that this first try at Cloud Office apps is exactly that.

This is what we suggest; five teams working around the clock to get full versions of Office running on the Cloud. This is going to be a big area of improvement of Microsoft and if it isn’t handled correctly, thousands of multi-million dollar corporate accounts could be lost to freeware programs with no support that integrate office apps with the cloud and cloud storage. At least two of the proposed teams should be testers. One team of in-house testers and a second team of people from ten of the top corporations. That team however, should only include people that actually use the software. Releasing a version of an office app that includes everything that is needed and leaves no one wanting, is the only way to keep profiting from paid office apps.

The one office app from Microsoft that is doing a bang up job, especially in managed hosting environments is Exchange. Everything runs right, it is currently saving corporations a ton of cash during these rough times of layoffs, right-sizings and dissolution of IT departments. The same gusto, technical skill, software power and customer service that is provided to the Exchange team should also be directed at the MS Office app software.


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