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October 03, 2012 | | Comments 0

If you’ve heard anything about the OnLive Desktop app, then you have probably heard that it’s one of the most revolutionary office apps on the App Store to date. OnLive Desktop is an iPhone office app that offers a realistic cloud-based experience for remotely using your desktop computer.

Of course, OnLive Desktop is already cool enough by allowing any user to control his/her computer from their mobile device, but it also allows the ease of transferring files back and forth, virtually instant response time, and lag-free reception from animation and video.

This iPhone office app is one of the best of its kind for a reason. The interface is incredibly easy to use and set up, and the gestures required for moving around in your virtual environment will easily come second nature after a few uses.

OnLive Desktop is one of the few iphone office apps that you will be able to derive use out of indefinitely. If you find yourself constantly in need of getting something off of your desktop computer while not at home or you’re on the go, this app is absolutely perfect for you. Stop wasting time with unsatisfactory alternatives and check it out!

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