iPhone WinZip 1.0 App

October 03, 2012 | | Comments 0

The iPhone WinZip app is one of the best office apps around that provides you with a solid solution for viewing, using, and saving .zip files formats. No matter the task with a .zip file, WinZip can handle it!

This iPhone office app tackles all of the obstacles you’d regularly expect with a .zip file while using an iPhone. If you’ve ever received a .zip file via email while on the go, you probably wished you had something that could easily open and extract it. This iPhone office app can also open other types of files, so it also serves as a neat file opener!
This is one of the few office apps that is incredibly easy to use. With its simplistic and intuitive interface, you’ll be handling all of your .zip file needs in no time.

This is the kind of app that will be forever useful as long as the .zip file type is still around. With its history, there’s a good chance it will be, too. If you find yourself constantly irritated by not being able to do anything with ZIP files while on the go, this app is definitely the solution to your worries.

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