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Microsoft is bringing it with the Office 365 Desktop Cloud Smart solution. What is it they are bringing and to whom must it be brought you may ask. Google is obviously in the cross-hairs of Microsoft’s Office 365 project and it looks like they are gearing up for massive usage with their multiple pricing plan structure. How can Microsoft possibly compete with Google’s pricing plan? This is an easy one – Microsoft is loved internationally and as you might remember, some governments simply don’t get along with Google. Because Microsoft sells a product that is not tied into their search engine, they have a lot more maneuverability in the international market than Google does. The good thing for Google is that they really don’t have to compete with Microsoft. Any money they make from Google Apps is just frosting on that big Google cake. If you take another look at what Microsoft Office 365 offers it becomes immediately clear; they own the market that they created, software, even in the cloud universe.


Another thing that Microsoft understands is the corporate mentality. Larger corporations are concerned with a few very specific things when it comes to software and those are security, legality, overall cost effectiveness, especially in cost reduction of overhead and portability. Sure, Google has a great track record with all of these points, but Microsoft has been a major investment in corporate America. Corporate America is filled with Microsoft trained IT people, certified, paid for by the company in terms of benefits and training costs. Microsoft has a huge reputation for accountability where Google does not, in terms of software.

Even though many see Office 365 as a price model modification rather than a technological feat, they probably don’t run multi-billion dollar companies from the U.S. to China. Switching over to a free structure for software just isn’t in the blood of Corporate America. That is left to the smaller businesses, the startups and the little guy.

Microsoft Project is Not the Only Software on the Block

Microsoft has seen some of its profits dwindling and going over to competition against their Office products.  Now, there’s OpenOffice which is a free office suite software which competes predominantly with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.  Then there’s ProTasker, which is in competition for its share of customers of Microsoft’s project management software, Microsoft Project.  Other companies like ProTasker such as BaseCamp are also taking a big chunk out of Microsoft’s project mgmt software empire, but ProTasker is doing it by offering a free sixty day trial and the lowest prices on the market.

If you are interested in Office Apps, then check out ProTasker.  This office app has some terrific features and you can read more about those here.

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