Office Apps to Keep You Grounded

July 25, 2011 | | Comments 0

Office Apps to Keep You Grounded

There’s a lot of office apps that are available for every type of smartphone.  With at least twenty-five new office apps being released each month, it can get a bit cumbersome in trying to keep up.  The problem that a lot of app users are finding is that with so many new apps being released, any type of contact information apps are becoming virtually useless because there is no standard being used across the board.

Some companies are now mandating that their employees use only contact information office apps that are compatible with office Outlook.  Most apps do have a general export feature that allows the users data to be converted over to Outlook however, app developers are missing out on a hidden need of Microsoft users to be able to sync their data without having to export.

Most corporation’s mail servers in the US are running MS Exchange and for office apps developers to ignore this fact won’t get the corporations to change, it will only get them to ban office apps that don’t play well with Exchange.  The only solution is for office apps developers to start designing contact info apps and office productivity apps that sync and work with co-location hosting, not just export formats that are compatible with MS Exchange and other Microsoft Office Apps.

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